My First Vlog!

Hello lovely readers! Hope your day is going swimmingly.

Alright… here goes nothing! Ahem, introducing my first vlog! (It took an embarrassing number of tries to record one that didn’t make me feel like a total fool. So be kind 😉 )

Click here for Steve’s fundraising page and here to ask a question on yesterday’s post. Thanks for watching and supporting and being overall wonderful people! (And keep checking back in during May – Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month – to learn more about cystic fibrosis.)



11 thoughts on “My First Vlog!

  1. So, So, Good!!! You are a natural!!!! Is there some way I can post this to Facebook? I would love to publicize this. Love you. Are you out celebrating Susan’s birthday?


  2. commented too soon…decided I had more to say! I think the vlog is awesome and you should definitely do this to answer the questions (and maybe leave them in print too in case people think they don’t “have time” to watch a whole vlog.) But being that people with CF can’t meet face to face, I think its cool to have yourself really up there and talking so that those who aren’t lucky enough to know you in person can “meet you.” 🙂 You are inspiring and I ❤ you.

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