Dancing to “Teenage Dream”

Today I’ve been busy with freelance projects (woohoo!) and haven’t had time to finish a blog post I started. However, I did take a quick break to watch a couple of our wedding videos and thought I’d share one with you. At Katie’s wedding a couple years ago, the bridesmaids all danced to “Teenage Dream,” quickly making it “our song.” So when it came on during our reception, we all rushed to the dance floor! (Video credit goes to my matron of honor, Katie, and her husband, Ted. Having these videos to look back on is SO FUN!)

Hope your week is going well!


3 thoughts on “Dancing to “Teenage Dream”

  1. […] I stood up as her Matron of Honor when she married one of the good ones (and the wedding was a blast!). And this September she’ll be celebrating her 30th birthday, in good health […]

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