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April Favorites + a Playlist

It’s time for more things I’ve been loving, watching, eating, and reading! Let’s get right into it. And, as always, tell me what YOUR April favorites were.


The Lively Show. My podcast obsession is real – I currently subscribe to TWENTY-FIVE. (Please tell me somewhere out there listens to more than that… anyone?) The past few weeks I’ve been consumed Jess Lively’s podcast, listening in the car, at work, while cooking dinner, on walks, etc. No matter the episode, Jess + her interesting guests always leave me feeling motivated + with a renewed life perspective.

Lipstick. I. love. lipstick. And while I’ve been all about bold lips in the past, I’m feeling particularly partial to nudes at the moment, the ones that look like your lips but better, ya know? The newest additions to my ever-growing collection are: Nars Audacious in Anita, Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche in Fig (might be my new fave), and Velvet Teddy + Peach Blossom by MAC.

Clothing. I’ve been paring down my closet the last few weeks in the hopes of figuring out my true style + making it easier to get dressed in the morning. This has also meant adding some pieces with one rule: I must love them. And the LOFT Linen Cotton Sweater (in white) is so good I bought a second… in the same color.


Vivianna Does Makeup. I have a confession: I love YouTube beauty gurus. And my most recent discovery, thanks to The Lively Show, is Anna. Her style – from makeup, to hair, to clothing – is everything I aspire to be. Anna, can we be friends?

TV. I had fallen a little out of love with “Nashville,” but after catching up on the last few episodes I’m hooked again. Connie Britton is everything. Mike and I have been trying to finish “House of Cards” and we’re getting close! Claire + Frank’s relationship is fascinating. And spotting Baltimore locales is my favorite part. I have a love/hate relationship with “Girls” because it always makes me incredibly uncomfortable but I also can’t stop watching. Somehow the characters seem a little more tolerable this season – maybe I’m just finally getting used to them?

Movies. “Sleeping with Other People” is much cuter than the title suggests. A super fun + sweet romantic comedy. And Jason Sudeikis + Alison Brie are adorable. Two movies I’ll be seeing as soon as they come out: “Girl on the Train” + “The Light Between Oceans.”


Books. I finally finished Boy Snow Bird by Helen Oyeyemi. And I really liked it. As soon as I turned the last page I started reading all the reviews I could get my hands on. Partly because I couldn’t figure out why I liked it so much, and also because there was so much to think about. I found this particularly helpful in articulating what I liked about book. Anyone else read it yet? I also read B.J. Novak’s One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories. It was a quick + funny read that I really enjoyed. (This was April’s pick for The Bookly Club and our reviews up now – check them out!)

This. All of it. I want to read this every morning before I get out of bed.

Letting Patients Tell Their Stories. “Doctors are trained first to diagnose, treat and fix – and second, to comfort, palliate and soothe. The result is a slow loss of vision, an inability to see who and what people are outside the patient we see in the hospital.”


Vegan sloppy joes + blueberry breakfast quinoa. I’m trying to make one to two new dishes per week, so far so good. These two were both delicious and simple, and have been added to my regular recipe rotation.

The Pines. I visited my sister in Brooklyn a couple weeks ago and she treated me to dinner – their bread was reason enough to go, and the other food super yummy, too.

Tell me: What did YOU love this month?

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April Playlist


3 thoughts on “April Favorites + a Playlist

  1. Ohhh, I forgot about clothes I’m currently loving! I also have a recent LOFT purchase that I’m obsessed with: a 3/4-sleeve boatneck sweater that I wear ALL THE TIME (including right now) that I bought for $10, plus two recent jeans purchases — Zara and Joe’s (from Nordstrom Rack).

    Also, I love the poem. I need to read more poetry.

  2. You are a podcast machine!!! I’m actively listening to a few right now, my current obsession being Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People: http://www.earwolf.com/show/beautiful-anonymous/.

    I’m also pairing down my wardrobe. 1/2 my closet was full of random bits I never wear – whether I told myself I was saving it for a special occasion or convinced myself I’d fit it in again one day. I, too, have made an agreement with myself – I only buy what I love and I’m never buying anything just because it’s on sale…or to bump my order up to free shipping. I also did the same with the rest of the apartment. Two car loads to Goodwill later, I’m feeling so light! I hope to do the same with my makeup collection. The older I get, the more I want to be surrounded by things and people I love and get rid of the excess!

    Anna has quickly become one of my favorites on Youtube. I can’t get enough.

    Thank you for the poem, I think I needed it today.

    I started reading (listening to the audiobook) Essentialism by Greg McKeown this week. I struggle a lot at work with wanting to be a people-pleaser. I’m constantly saying yes to everything that comes my way, then feeling resentful and positively overwhelmed by all that is on my plate. I think it may be hard to adopt essentialism fully, as I work in a support services role, but I’m hoping to put into practice what I can. I’m about 1/4th of the way through and so far, highly recommend it. I tend to read a physical fiction book and listen to an non-fiction audiobook on any given week. The physical fiction book is for lunchtime and before bed. The audiobook keeps my company during my commute and chores. I find it’s a great balance for me!

    Sending a little love your way on this dreary Monday!

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