#for30more giveaway#7: Apothecary Wellness

Apothecary health

First off, I want to thank you all again for being so supportive during the last few weeks of #for30more. Every day I’ve been lifted up by someone’s thoughtfulness, which is a lovely feeling to have. I hope each and every one of you get the chance to feel so very loved. With 16 days to go, I’m almost to $10K. So keep sharing, donating, and helping to spread the word about my 30th birthday wish! I can’t wait to see what else is to come as we get closer to September 26.

I have the wonderful honor of being featured on my friend Lindsay’s blog as a part of Invisible Illness Awareness Week. She’s such an inspiration for how to face a diagnosis head on, and I’m so happy to have met her. So go check out her interview of me when you have a few moments. (I also have a few non-giveaway related posts in the works, those are just always a little slower to come for me. So stay tuned!)

Today’s giveaway is truly a treat. A few years ago, after my skin decided to act like that of a 13-year-old’s, I made an appointment with Christine at Apothecary Wellness. Her facials not only cured my painful skin, but were some of the most relaxing moments I’d had in a long time. And the rest of Baltimore agrees with me – Apothecary Wellness was recently voted Best in Baltimore, winning Baltimore Magazine’s readers’ poll for Best Spa.

Now YOU have a chance to experience Apothecary Wellness’ heavenly relaxation for yourself. Christine + Rachel, the fabulous ladies behind the best spa in Baltimore, offered up one 60-minute massage and one custom organic facial, worth $175 but priceless in terms of how relaxed you’ll be afterward.

By now you know the drill, but I’ll lay out the rules just in case:

  • Share via social. The more platforms you share on (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), the more chances you have to win. Make sure you use the hashtag #for30more and link to my fundraising page (gotta make it to that $15k!). For example, you could tweet something like: “I’m supporting #for30more AND entered to win a massage + facial from @ApothecarySpa! Share + donate to enter: bit.ly/for30more
  • Donate! Every little bit counts, and reaching my goal would be the best birthday gift EVER. Plus, you’ll be helping all of us living with cystic fibrosis have bigger and brighter futures – doesn’t that make you feel good?
  • You must share/donate by 11:59p.m. on Wednesday. I’ll announce the winner on Thursday.

Now who’s ready to be pampered?


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