Smiles + Wishes

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Fridays are celebrated with donuts.

I’ve been missing this space lately. And, per usual, I feel like I have lots to say but am without the right words.

The past few weeks have been tough so I’m embracing a “thankful-for-the-small-things” mindset and am soaking up every little moment that puts a smile on my face. I’m sharing some of these things in hopes they bring you some joy, too.

Almost peed myself getting to meet this author. She was hysterical, she signed books + took pics, AND she brought brownies. #winning (Shout-out to Enoch Pratt Free Library for her appearance!)

Enjoying this book more than I thought I would. Even though I didn’t finish in time for my book club meeting (tsk tsk!), I’m determined to reach its end. If you’ve tackled these 700+ pages I’d love to know your thoughts (sans spoilers, of course)!

Has anyone else seen this show? I’m OBSESSED. I might need to seek help. I just want to go live with Joanna and Chip on their farm and play with the baby goats. (And I’d love it if Joanna would makeover my house. Duh.)

Saw this movie. Turned into one big puddle. (Obviously.)

On repeat. Can’t stop, won’t stop. This too. And this.

I have been buying bag after bag of these. It’s embarrassing really. Except that I enjoy them too much to stop. I mean, I could be eating worse things, right?

Reading + discussing this and this. Thoughts? (I bought this, which came highly recommended by my sister, because we both have much to say on this topic. I think it’d be a great book club pick.)

Always loving this girl’s blog. I like to think we’d be friends if we ever met in real life.

Drooling over this (in pink), this, and this. I can’t seem to stop ogling statement necklaces. IMHO, a girl can never have too many.

There’s one last thing making me smile: In just about three months I turn 30. When I was born, the life expectancy of someone with cystic fibrosis was 25. There aren’t enough words to express how THRILLED I am to be here, on this planet, living the wonderful life I feel beyond thankful to be living and I plan to celebrate the heck out of this birthday. (Plus, I have a big birthday wish in the works that I’d love ALL of YOU to help me with. Stay tuned!)

Tell me, what’s putting a smile on YOUR face?


3 thoughts on “Smiles + Wishes

  1. So many clicks! Love all of this info, though. I majorly love Birdy, am excited to read emequalsme, will share thoughts on the articles, am jealous that I missed Jennifer, and love the neon necklace the most.

  2. Love the combo of the donut, the necklace, and the pink nails! My daughter has been giving me spontaneous hugs lately. It’s pretty much the best feels ever.

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