Run Away With Me

This weekend was just what I needed: lazy.

Friday Mike and I had a hankering for some Five Guys, which we ate outside in the gorgeous weather, followed by drinks & dessert at a local bar. We ended the night relatively early which meant plenty of sleep!

Saturday was devoted to errands followed by more TV (it sounds like I might have watched too much…) thanks to Hulu. Some more sleeping in on Sunday gave me just the rest I was looking for!

Thankfully, this week has been off to a much better start than last. I’m in a far better mood and am ready to tackle my growing to do list!

And a big part of that is getting back to the gym. A week or so ago, after a disappointing Hopkins appointment, Renee offered to run with me once a week to help get in some much needed cardio. Unfortunately, due to a crazy couple of weeks, we only managed one run. But it was decent, and inspired me to follow her advice: start the Couch-to-5K running plan.

Today will be the first day. I’ll check back in tomorrow to let you know how it goes! (Fingers crossed I finish even more inspired to stick with it.)

In the meantime, I’d LOVE to hear how you stay motivated, along with some tunes that get you in the running groove.


8 thoughts on “Run Away With Me

    • Anything Katy Perry is good workout music – nice choice! I’m sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope it heals soon, and in the meantime I’ll run in your honor 🙂

  1. Your link has it right! Don’t start too fast; and remember the most important part is just establishing a routine. Like anything, you’ll run more once it’s a habit.

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