Well-Being Wednesdays

This week’s been a little trying. Nothing life-altering, just one of those weeks where I can’t seem to get out of a funk. I’m learning that during these periods, it’s especially important to be kind to myself.

Hard week or not, it’s always good to step back and make sure you’re tending to yourself. Right now, that means eating good foods, making sure I get in some yoga, picking up a good book, and spending time with loved ones. It also means banishing negative self talk, something I find myself doing when I’m feeling down.

That’s where Well-Being Wednesdays come in. According to Merriam-Webster, well-being is “the state of being healthy, happy, or prosperous.” Each Wednesday, I’ll talk about what I’ve done this week to make sure I’m staying in a positive place.

I would love to start a conversation about what well-being means to YOU and how you maintain it, so feel free to share!

So tell me, how do YOU take care of your overall well-being?


9 thoughts on “Well-Being Wednesdays

  1. LOVE this idea. I’ve also been in a funk recently and have found that physical activity of any sort – a short walk, dancing around the room, 10 minute ab workout – does wonders. Additionally, talking it out with good friends who understand (and have a sense of humor) is a great option if you’re not in the mood for exercise.

  2. Difficult times are inevitable, but they don’t have to control you or your sense of well-being. When stress hits hard at work, walking outside and taking a break helps. At home, going for a run or even having a glass of wine with a good friend always makes one feel better. A good laugh cures all! πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Katharine! Good for you for finding a way to get back into your positive place. Your energy is contagious! For me, it is spending time with my son, and soaking in his innocent goodness. πŸ™‚

  4. My well-being has been focused on exercise recently. I dropped weight and have gained speed in running that I haven’t seen in awhile. It gives me an escape and something to focus on outside of all of my stress.

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