What I’m Loving

Yoga – It’s pricey, and sometimes I have a hard time justifying it, but totally worth it. I leave class with a new perspective, a feeling of renewal. And I love how it forces me to pay attention to my breathing. It’s magic.

Hunter Rain Boots – Mike’s Christmas gift to me, they’ve already gotten a ton of use. I can’t wait to use them in the April showers (which will hopefully bring May flowers, another thing I love).

Law & Order: SVU – I’m obsessed. A couple of months ago I discovered that ALL ELEVEN seasons can be streamed on Netflix. This led to a new crush: Elliott Stabler, aka Christopher Meloni. Sigh. I’ve now watched seasons 6-11 and am debating purchasing season 12. It’s a sickness.

Eggs – So cheap. So easy to make. So delicious. My current favorite way to eat them is on a cinnamon raisin bagel with muenster cheese. Try it. NOW.

Travel – In the next few months I’ll be going to Boston to see my sister, Chicago for a reunion with some favorites, Charlottesville with my dad, and a day trip to NYC with my mom. So. Freakin’. Excited!

Little things – Warm patches of sun, a whiff of my favorite perfume, a good book, a trip to Whole Foods, chatting with girlfriends, snuggling with Mike… I’m trying to remain in the present and soak it all in.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!


5 thoughts on “What I’m Loving

  1. I try to go to yoga once a week. I bought a 10 class card, so at least I don’t have to think too much about how much it’s costing me. I save a dollar a class, so at least it’s something.

    If you’re bored when you’re in Boston, let me know and we can get dinner.

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