Thanksgiving a Couple Months Early

One of my current mantras is “I’m too blessed to to be stressed.” It’s such an important thing to remember – no matter what is going on in your life, there’s always something to be thankful for.

As much anger and sadness as I’m feeling, I also have a lot to appreciate and look forward to.

The first one being Mike. He’s my rock… and has put up with a lot more than most people would. I won’t ever be able thank him enough – I’m one lucky lady.

My friends are also pretty awesome. Both online and in real life, they always show their support when I need it most. Between blog comments, emails, and a dinner with some of my favorite ladies last night, I was reminded just how many people I have to turn to when times are crappy.

I can’t forget my family. The perfect card showed up in my mailbox right when I needed it, thanks to my sister. Last weekend I went to my dad’s for dinner and advice. Tomorrow I’m going to spend some time with my mom, something that never fails to make me feel better.

Not to mention the million things that I have coming up: my little’s bachelorette weekend in Chicago, fall planning with my DG alumni group, Renee’s bachelorette party, football season (go Ravens!), Katie + Ted’s Wisconsin wedding weekend, my 26th (eek!) birthday, my 2nd 5k, Renee + Steve’s Baltimore wedding weekend, a trip to visit my sister in Boston… I could go on.

But you get my point. Lots of things to focus on and be thankful for. And in between all the fun, I’ll be working on making myself happy again.


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving a Couple Months Early

  1. LOVE YOU!!!!!! You are awesome, incredible, inspiring, and wonderful. Dark moments happen, but your realization of the support and love you have around you is huge.
    You are an amazing young woman!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy your great fall events! I know you will!

  2. I’m glad my card helped! I may be in Seattle in a gorgeous hotel room, completely stuffed from an impeccable meal, but the most meaningful, important blessing in my life is YOU. I love you and it is a true gift that I have you for a sister. Thanks for putting things in perspective with these posts 🙂

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