A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Hi again.

I’ve had numerous thoughts rolling around in my head since my last post.

Most importantly? How awesome my readers are. Your constant support never ceases to amaze me. No matter how long it’s been between posts you’re still here, being my most adamant cheerleaders. THANK YOU. I couldn’t do this without you. Each and every one of you puts a smile on my face.

Since I’m not able to put my other musings into the appropriate words at the moment, this is going to be a different kind of post. One not about cystic fibrosis.

I’ve mentioned a few times before that I need to remember that this blog doesn’t always have to be about CF, but I have yet to write a post that isn’t focused on living with an illness. I figured it’s about time I give you a peek into other aspects of my life. Aren’t you just thrilled?! šŸ˜‰

As I write this I’m listening to an artist Mike discovered – Ben Rector. I’m loving him, especially “White Dress,” “The Beat,” “Loving You is Easy,” and “When a Heart Breaks.” Go check him out. (C’mon, humor me.)

Some of my other current tunes are:

– “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence + The Machine
– “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars
– “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry
– “Something ‘Bout Love” by David Archleta (Go ahead, laugh… okay, you can stop now.)

This weekend’s shaping up to be a pretty good one. Tomorrow night Mandi’s band, The Black Marks, is playing at Joe Squared – a funky and delicious pizza place in the MICA neighborhood. Yum! (Mandi is the lead singer and has a rockin’ voice – school teacher by day, sultry songstress by night! Hells yeah.)

And then tomorrow I’m heading up to New Market to visit with my mom, who turned 61 on Wednesday. (I hope I age as gracefully as she has because she looks far younger than her 61 years. Just look at her when she turned 60!) We’re planning to have a celebratory lunch and then make a stop in Proof, a local pastry shop. (More yum!) (I’ll try to remember to bring my camera; this should be very photo-worthy.) (Plus my blog has been seriously lacking in the picture department, my apologies.)

I’m also looking forward to making a stop in Columbia’s Great Harvest Bread Company (Hi, Kath!) to FINALLY try out some of their delicious baked goods that I’ve heard so much about. And just my luck, there was a Groupon for their yumminess just the other day. Sold!

What else is going on in my corner of the blogosphere?

My wonderful and talented little sister got an absolutely fantastic, drool-worthy, and enviable job… which I’m not at liberty to discuss… yet. Once I can, y’all will know. Trust.

I am unbelievably proud of her. (She had a blog at one time, too, and I’ve been trying to get her to start it up again. So go on over and tell her she’d have a whole slew of readers if she did. ;))

With summer coming to an end (seriously, where the heck did the time go?!), I have a couple fun trips planned. First up, Mike and I are going to visit some of his family in Richmond. I’m SO excited to play with his little cousins, spend some time with their horses, and escape a little.

Then I’ll be gallivanting over to one of my all-time favorite cities, Chicago, to see one of my all-time favorite people, Katie (also known as my little, as in Delta Gamma Little Sis). We met my sophomore year of college when she joined my sorority and it didn’t take long for us to become bestest friends. She’s getting MARRIED in just a few weeks so I’m hopping over to the Windy City for her bachelorette party. Can you say FUN?!

Other than all of that it’s just life as usual over here at From A to Pink. Working, reading, training for another 5k, etc.

Tell me, dear readers, what’s new with YOU?


10 thoughts on “A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

  1. I will always read your awesome blog! I don’t feel pressured to have a blogging schedule- I blog for myself and do it whenever I want šŸ™‚

  2. Hi Katharine! I can’t wait to hear about your sister’s new job! (Though I am sure Betty will hear about it too and probably call me and tell me about it when you are able to talk about it! šŸ˜‰ )
    I can’t believe your mom is 61! I thought she was much younger than my parents!!! She does look amazing! Please tell her Happy Birthday from me!
    When is your next 5K?
    You sound so positive — I love it!
    Enjoy Chicago!
    šŸ™‚ Marney

    • Yes, I’m sure Em’s new job news will travel through the family grapevine šŸ˜‰ I delivered your Happy Birthday message to my mom – she said thank you and to give you her love.

      The next 5k I’m doing is Race for the Cure on Oct. 3 – I’m super nervous because training has only been going so-so but we’ll see!

  3. Hi Katharine,

    Sounds like you have an awesome weekend in store followed by some equally fun trips. Have a great time!

    Have enjoyed following you on Twitter and am happy I found your blog today —
    PS: i LOVE Dog Days Are Over, too. Just downloaded that the other day and will take a listen to the others you mentioned…

  4. can’t wait for your visit!! it sounds like you have a tremendous next few weeks planned šŸ™‚ love you.

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