Short and Sweet… or Not

Hi blog readers! (Hopefully you’re still out there and haven’t given up on me yet…)

Things over at From A to Pink have been NUTS lately. Work has been unusually hectic, those two blizzards hit, and I’ve been traveling for the past week. I’ll admit, keeping up with my treatments has been hard while flying from here to there. I’d say my compliance has been 50%, which isn’t wonderful (but decent). I now know that’s something I have to work on – managing my treatments while not at home.

Mike and I traveled to Chicago to visit my little (sorority sister) and bff forever who is recently engaged! It was so. much. fun. Seriously, if you haven’t taken the short (and relatively cheap) plane ride over to the Windy City, I recommend you do so ASAP. (Preferably in the spring and summer months. February = cold.)

Seven hours after getting home from Chitown I turned around and headed to sunny Florida! (Although it’s quite chilly here, unfortunately. I was just glad to NOT see snow on the ground. It’s the little things, people.) I was there for a brainstorming session for work and found it very beneficial. So glad I had the opportunity to go.

Now, here I sit, in the airport, waiting to go home. I’m so ready for my own bed and some catch up time with Mike. I missed him the past few days! (Corny but true.)

I have a LOT to do in the coming weeks. First and foremost will be the Blogging Pants – woohoo! (A big thanks again to Caitlin, and those that nominated me, for passing them onto me!) I am officially taking nominations for who you’d like to see receive them next. Just leave your vote in the comments. I’ll pick a winner on Monday so that I can ship these out ASAP šŸ™‚

Tomorrow I’m paying a visit to my dad since the snow kind of threw a kink in my trip there last week. And all weekend I’ll be in a workshop called “Redefining Health” with TAI Sophia – the acupuncture school that my mom graduated from! I’m really looking forward to participating – I think I’ll be able to take a lot away from it and apply it to living with a chronic illness. (P.S. Check out my mom‘s new blog, The Chi Muse – she’s quite an insightful woman and I’m so proud of her!)

Hopefully life calms down a little soon so I have time to resume training for the 5K (let’s not even go there right now) and get back to doing my meds 100%.

I’ll have a more exciting post up soon about what a typical day looks like for someone living with cystic fibrosis. Until then, give me your Blogging Pants nominations! And let me know what YOU’VE been up to!


13 thoughts on “Short and Sweet… or Not

  1. Glad to see you back! Certainly sounds like you’ve been busy- and having fun! I’d love to go to Chicago– just not when it’s cold like you said! šŸ™‚

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