Beautiful Blogger Award

A week or so ago (clearly I should’ve posted this MUCH sooner), Lauren at Eat, Drink, and Be Hopeful nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award! I was very touched – thank you Lauren!

So here are 7 things that you (probably) don’t know about me:

  1. I am the eighth Katharine (and that’s with an “A”) in a row on my mom’s side of the family. (So yes, I guess that technically makes me Katharine the 8th.)
  2. My parents married each other twice. My sister and I were born the second time around. They also divorced each other twice. (And no, I don’t think there will be a third.)
  3. I am double-jointed in my elbows.
  4. My boyfriend and I met in high school, 10 years ago. I think he’s okay. 😉
  5. My first word was “hat.” (Clearly I had a fashion problem from the beginning.)
  6. I got to visit the set of “The Gilmore Girls.” (Dean is JUST as dreamy in person.)
  7. I have close to 300 books. And I’ve read less than 30. (Addict, right here.)

Now for the next 7 nominees (even though I’d nominate EVERYONE  if I could):


I hope everyone had a great weekend! I’ll be back tomorrow with a CF-related post – “A Day in the Life…”


9 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Gilmore Girls set?!?!?! Awesome! I had a friend who got to do walk on for Dawson’s Creek when we were in high school and I was so jealous. Oh, those WB shows!

  2. Awww what a way to brighten this dreary Monday – thanks!!

    Re #2 on your list – that is crazy! It’s so weird to think about our parents having these complicated lives before us, you know?

    I love the name Katharine (with an a) – it’s on my short list for girls. Did you ever go by a nickname?

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