Birthday Agenda

with Mandi and Renee on my 24th bday
with Mandi and Renee on my 24th bday

Having a birthday on a Saturday is the best. Because the WHOLE weekend is devoted to festivities, starting tonight…

*Birthday Book Club at V-NO (I’ve been wanting to go this place for a while, I’ll let ya know what I think.)
*Dinner somewhere in Harbor East (hopefully RA)

*Breakfast at my favorite, Spoons (duh) with my other favorite, Mike 😉
*Getting pampered at About Faces
*Dinner with (some of) my favorite girls at Abbey Burger Bistro (another place I’ve been dying to try)
*Party at Kara’s (aka our new apartment starting in two months) with the rest of my favorites

*Lunch at my mom’s
*Dinner at my dad’s (including a photoshoot with Fritz by my personal photographer)

I LOVE birthdays!

Tell me, what are your favorite birthday traditions?


One thought on “Birthday Agenda

  1. Happy birthday! and I love RA.

    As for birthday traditions… hhmmm… I don’t think I have any? I know I require lots of attention and I like being doted on. 🙂

    This past birthday was the dreaded 2-9 so I spent most of the day wallowing and not wanting to acknowledge my birthday.

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