A Look Back

Photo courtesy of the BF
Photo courtesy of the BF

Again, I suck. But let’s get past that, because tomorrow I turn TWENTY-FIVE. For some reason, it’s hitting me a little harder than I expected. Yes, I know it’s not OLD. But it sounds monumentally older than 23, or 24. Which has made me feel slightly unaccomplished. Silly, I know. So to make myself feel better I thought I’d take a look back at where I was last year and where I am now…

Last year: Lived in an aparment in a suburb of Baltimore and strongly disliked my living situation (for various reasons).
Now: Living in the city (yay!) with two wonderful roommates (and their full-of-personality dogs).
Soon: Will be moving to an apartment with Mike that has everything on our wish list. (More on this later, but first, YIKES, I’m going to be living with a BOY! Cue “Friends” episode where Rachel moves out and Chandler moves in… come on, I know you know what I’m talking about. Right?)

Last year: Was fearful I would no longer be employed. And therefore worked my little butt off to prove myself.
This year: Goal achieved! Am now a much more valuable part of my company. Woohoo!
Soon: Will continue taking on more responsibilities and kicking more ass butt.

Last year: Was a novice kickball player. And loving it.
This year: Am a novice player that has successfully made it to third base, twice.
Soon: Hoping to make it home!

Last year: Was an unpublished writer.
This year: Will (soon, like, next month) be the writer of a published article!
Soon: Hoping to continue with freelance and get other articles published. (Any tips/tricks from you published writers out there?)

Last year: Wanted to be a part of something.
This year: Has joined the local alumni chapter of my sorority, allowing me to meet and become involved with a wonderful and diverse group of women.
Soon: Will continue attending events, volunteering, and getting to know my sisters.

Last year: Was playing the role of single girl in the city.
Now: Am (very happily) back together with Mike 🙂
Soon: Will be taking a momentous step forward in our relationship. (See above.)

I’d say it’s been a pretty good (and productive) year. So, self (and others feeling a similar way), STOP WORRYING about what you HAVEN’T DONE and start LIVING IN THE MOMENT.

Lesson learned over the last 12 months: Things happen JUST as they should. With a lot of work, a little optimism, and a pinch of hope, life works itself out. I promise.

Turning 25 doesn’t sound so bad after all! What have YOU learned in the past year?


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