Just What the Doctor Ordered

A long weekend. Yahoo!

And I have LOTS to do. You see, I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon. No, not that wagon. The “having my life in order” wagon. So what better way to spend my three-day weekend than getting organized? (And relaxing, of course.)

Things to do:

  • finish laundry
  • take clothes to tailor
  • drop off dry cleaning
  • get mani/pedi (much needed,  just ask Mike)
  • call/email long distance friends
  • get car serviced (poor Hannah needs an oil change)
  • clean room (dust, swiffer, etc.)
  • grocery store
  • shopping trip (inspired by PinQue)

Yikes. That’s a lot. I might need more than three days… I’ll be sure to update you as I cross things off the list.

Also on the agenda for the weekend: MD state fair, time with friends, brunch with the girls and newly engaged Renee, time spent playing house with Mike, READING (lots and lots of reading)…

What are your Labor Day plans?


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