Bowties, Gowns, and Drama

Taylor and Brad
Taylor and Brad

The premiere of “The Rachel Zoe Project” didn’t disappoint. Jess arrived a little before 9 and after catching up on each others lives (it’d been way too long!) we settled in with some tea to watch the craziness of Rachel, Brad, and Taylor.

I almost wish I’d been blogging while watching – there were some awesome quotes. My favorite was at the end, when Rachel was explaining how it felt to see Cameron Diaz in the Chanel gown she’d been coveting for months: “That dress was like carrying it in my womb for nine months and then birthing it at the Golden Globes.” Classic.

But no matter many times Rachel says “bananas” or “dies” over a fabulous piece of haute couture, Brad will always be my favorite. His bowties are adorable and he makes the most random comments at the (sometimes) most inappropriate times.

If you haven’t tuned in, I suggest you watch next Monday @ 10pm. (I know, it’s late, but totally worth it. Just get ready for bed beforehand.)

Question: What’s YOUR favorite TV show and why?


2 thoughts on “Bowties, Gowns, and Drama

  1. I really thought I was the only person that watched that show… and I, too, love Brad! Is it weird that I want to be his friend?

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