Weekend O’ Movies

Whew! This weekend just flew by, leaving me no time to blog, oops 😦

To catch y’all up on my life, here’s a weekend recap:

* Saw “District 9” on Friday with Mike… I was skeptical going in (seeing as I’m not a fan of sci-fi), but the reviews had been positive and Mike really wanted to see it, so I agreed. Big mistake. I was probably a bit too harsh initially – negative comments flowed for quite some time after the movie (and I should add that Mike took the criticism like a champ, considering that he enjoyed it). In retrospect, it just wasn’t up my alley – word to the wise: if you don’t like aliens and lots of gore, don’t see it. But to its credit, it wasn’t half bad for what it was – they at least attempted at starting some commentary on interesting issues. I’m sure there are other alien movies out there that are far worse.  Moving on…

* Saturday I got up with enough time to hit the treadmill and shower before my MOM CAME! Brunch at Spoons was a necessity so we met Mike, who was previously a Spoons virgin, and chowed down. I had the “Farmers’ Market Omelette” with toast, potatoes, and coffee (of course). Since I’d missed out on my usual farmers’ market routine that morning, this was perfect. And delicious! Mike headed home and my mom and I had some quality girl time: We perused some shops in Fed Hill and then Harbor East, followed by “Julie & Julia.” It was SO CUTE. Totally made up for the previous night’s experience. Meryl Streep does a phenomenal job of portraying Julia Child – who is hysterical, in case you didn’t know. And Amy Adams is adorable as always (LOVED her in “Enchanted“). If you haven’t seen it already, I suggest you put it on your list (it’d even make a good date movie).

* After saying farewell to my Mom, I got ready to head over to my friend Nicole’s for some Saturday night fun. Mike came with, as well as a few of his friends, and we arrived to a packed house, good music, and plenty of adult refreshments. It ended up being a pretty late night for us, resulting in a very tired Katharine the next day. Speaking of which…

* I had made plans with Mandi and her sister Tara to see “The Time Traveler’s Wife” in Columbia on Sunday. Mandi picked me up at 11:30 and we made the 30 min. drive, rehashing the get together at Nicole’s. Lunch at P.F. Chang’s was first, and our friend Sarah ended up joining in, too! We ordered an awesome array of dishes to share and we each ended the (yummy) meal with one of their shot glass desserts (such a great idea!) – it was the perfect amount of sweet. As for the movie, it didn’t disappoint. I’d read the book a long time ago so I had forgotten a lot of what happened but from what I can remember they did a good job of meshing the two. It was a tearjerker for sure, and by the end all four of us were sniffling and wiping our cheeks. It makes me want to reread the book, but my list of books that I haven’t read is too long already… in fact, I have to finish “Loving Frank” before book club on Wednesday…

Hope you had fabulous weekends! Any movies you’ve seen recently that you would or wouldn’t recommend?


2 thoughts on “Weekend O’ Movies

  1. You’re such a girl. And District 9 was AWESOME! Especially when three-quarters of the way through it became transformers. Well then again I’m practically a Frat boy so maybe that’s why I liked it and you didn’t. hahaha

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