Sneak Peek

Lovely DG sisters!
Lovely DG sisters!

Happy Monday, folks! I promise I’ll post pictures from the wedding just as soon as people start sharing them with me. (I decided it was a better to focus on being a part of the wedding rather than taking pics since there will be PLENTY available soon.)

For now, here’s a little peek into what’s going on with me…

Enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing night of HGTV-watching and pizza eating last night with Mike. Bliss.
Watching the newest episode of Army Wives as soon as I get home.
Enjoying having a week with few plans – I need a couple days to catch up on domestic activities such as laundry and grocery shopping.
Looking forward to dinner with a friend, my mom visiting, and not leaving MD for a little while.
Happy that I can get back into my exercise routine that I have ignored the past couple of weeks.
ReadingLoving Frank” for book club, followed by one of the many books I have waiting for me on my shelf.
Listening to the CDs my sister sent me. Thanks, Em!

What are YOU doing right now?


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