Blogger Role Models

In the past two days I’ve had two of my favorite bloggers (Quinn and Jamie) leave comments on my posts. And being the new, dorky blogger that I am, it made me quite excited.

I’ve been following various blogs for about two years, always with the thought in the back of my mind that I’d like to try it out myself. But I was always too intimidated and overwhelmed, wondering, “Where do I begin?!” After seeing the ways in which the blogging community has grown and changed peoples lives, I decided it was worth a shot.

I’m glad I took the plunge. I LOVE to write, but after graduating college I couldn’t find the time. Or maybe I just wasn’t trying hard enough to MAKE time. Either way, it was something I wanted to get back into.

I took a few non-credit classes at local community colleges on writing fiction, which were fun, but not as productive as I’d hoped. They were more focused on writing a novel, a longtime dream of mine, but not something I’m sure I can pursue right now.

Then I joined a writing group – about six or so people looking to get published – and while that was incredibly rewarding, it soon fell apart.

So here I am. I figured I could write (almost) whatever I want, still get (hopefully) constructive feedback, and not worry about it disappearing on me. This is totally up to me. I’m responsible for the success of it, and it’s exciting.

So to those reading, thank you! And to my blogger role models, thank you for inspiring me to venture into this community.


3 thoughts on “Blogger Role Models

  1. Aw thanks for the shout out 🙂

    I started out the exact same way. I was reading blogs forever and finally gave it a shot. Then last summer one of MY favorite bloggers ever commented on my blog and I remember sending out texts to a friend because I was so excited haha

    Definitely join 20SB if you haven’t. We have such a great community!

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