Blog Marketing

In an attempt to get my blog some attention in this giant blog world, I figured the more connections I make, the better!

That’s why (adside from the fact that her blog is fabulous) I’m spreading the word about this giveaway. I’ve been following her blog and think you should, too! (And I wouldn’t mind winning a giveaway, what would be a first in my blogging career.) So read her blog, enter her giveaway, and you might just win a super cute shirt (you can also follow her @Petit_Cheri)!


One thought on “Blog Marketing

  1. Thank you for spreading the news darling! And I think so far you are doing a fabulous job blogging! When I started my blog I was overwhelmed by the number of gorgeous blogs out there, I wanted so much to be like them!! All I do is just write from my heart and be open and honest. It is amazing the amount of friends you can make via blogs, people who appreciate you with no preconceived judgments.
    Good luck with your blog darling (and the giveaway!) I will definitely be coming back xxx

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