Weekend ‘O Fun

Date night was quite fun. 500 Days of Summer was awesome – a wonderfully realistic view of love that leaves you surprisingly satisfied. I’ll admit, there were moments during the movie where I was afraid I’d come out hating it, but they did a very good job of making everything come together. Pre-movie, we had dinner at Elevation Burger, which was pure deliciousness. Any Baltimorians that haven’t been there should pay a visit. Seriously, go. Now. This blog post will still be here when you get back.

After the movie, Mike and I walked down to the water, ice cream in hand. Until the peaceful atmosphere was interrupted by rats. Three of them. Playing the role of girly girl perfectly, I insisted we leave. (And there may have been a few squeals of disgust in there, too.) Ah, city life.

I woke up early on Saturday to pick up Mandi and head to our local farmers’ market. For under $10 I picked up five peaches, an eggplant, an ooey gooey pastry, a jar of apple butter, and an eco-friendly bag. Again, a must-do for those living in the Locust Point/Federal Hill area.

After watching my DVR’ed Southern Belles season finale, I went to the gym and came back to get ready for Braid Paisley (!!!). SO FUN. Country concerts are the best – the air is just full of energy (and provides for some very interesting people watching). Dierks Bentley, who I wasn’t all that familiar with, opened for him and I officially have a crush. In fact, I think he’s now a member of my top five.

Who can resist the ruggedness?
Who can resist the ruggedness?

Like the old lady that I am, I struggled to keep my eyes open on the ride home, promptly falling into bed as soon as I had the chance.

This morning I met some of my fave ladies for brunch at Spoons, my obsession. I filled up on eggs, bacon, fabulous french toast, and coffee. And here I am, (attempting) to write an interesting blog post (but realizing it’s not all that entertaining, I apologize – I’ll get better at this whole thing, I swear), while Dixie sleeps at my feet and The Format plays on iTunes.

I hope everyone has had an equally wonderful weekend. I might be back later after I read a chunk of “In the Woods.” Bye for now!


2 thoughts on “Weekend ‘O Fun

  1. hey girl! šŸ™‚ emily told me when she made a blog and just found yours through her post today! are you living in fed hill? I actually work right by elevation burger, and live in fed hill and love that farmers market… small world!

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